Senior Cricket
Grade Summary

For a summary of all grades for WBOPCA cricket for the 2023/24 season please click on this link - WBOPCA Grade Structure


Any team who does not electronically submit a Captain’s report by 6pm on the Tuesday following the match will be deducted 2 points. 
Click on the link below or the QR code to the left for the Captains report:

WBOPCA Captains Report 2023/24

Team Sheet

Here is a copy of a team sheet you can download and print for your games:

Team Sheet

Division 1 and 2

Division 1 and 2 T20

16 teams are split into two pools of 8 teams.

Pool A: Baaj 1st XI, Mount Maunganui 2nd XI, Hawks, Papamoa 2nd XI, Greerton Reserves, Falcons, Otumoetai Cadets 3rd XI, and United Indians 2nd XI.

Pool B: Otumoetai Cadets 2nd XI, Katikati Reserves, United Indians 1st XI, Tauranga Boys College 2nd XI, Te Puke Reserves, Baaj 2nd XI, Bay Blasters 1, and Sher E Punjab.

Games/rounds will be played on the following dates:

1 & 2 - Saturday 14th October

3 & 4 - Saturday 21st October

5 & 6 - Saturday 28th October 

7 - Thursday 23rd November or Thursday 14th December 

Semi Finals 

Saturday 16th December - 10:30am 


Saturday 16th December - 3:00pm on Bay Oval

Reserve Day for Finals - Sunday 17th December

Division 1 and 2 T20 Competition Playing Conditions

Division 1 and 2 T20 Draw and Ladder

Division 1 and 2 50-Over Competition

Division 1 and 2 50 Over Playing Conditions

Division 1 Draw and Ladder

Division 2 Draw and Ladder

Division 3 and 4

Division 3 and 4 T20

This competition is open for any team in Division 3 or 4.

At the closing of registrations the following 10 teams have entered this competition: Tauranga Boys College 3rd XI Blue, Tauranga Boys College 3rd XI White, Albion, Bay Blasters 2, Papamoa 3rd XI, Danphe, Baaj 3rd XI, Baaj 4th XI, United Indians 3rd XI and Mount Maunganui combined.

Each team will play three round robin fixtures, and 1 play-off or final fixture as follows:

Saturday 21st October - 10:30am and 2:30pm

Saturday 27th January - 10:30am and 2:30pm

After the third round robin fixture on Saturday 27th January the final will be played  at 2:30pm between the teams ranked 1 and 2 on the standings table after game 3. 

In the case of equal points, the teams tied will be differentiated on a) net run rate, b) who beat whom in the round robin if applicable, and c) most wickets taken, calculated on an average per game basis.

If other teams wish, and grounds are available, an afternoon fixture may be scheduled for the teams ranked 3 - 10.

Division 3 and 4 T20 Competition Playing Conditions

Division 3 and 4 T20 Draw and Ladder

Division 3 and 4 40-Over Competition

Division 3 and 4 Playing Conditions

Division 3 Draw and Ladders

Division 4 Draw and Ladders


In the 2023/24 season only teams entered into Divisions 1 and 2 will be allocated a 'home venue' grass wicket, due to the shortage of these facilities with Tauranga City and the Western Bay of Plenty. 

The list of home venue allocations is below. Please note that where clubs have multiple teams in Reserve Grade the wicket is shared, and may be shared also with a team entered into the Bay of Plenty Senior Summer 2023/24 season. Because of this, teams may have home games scheduled at other wickets, grass or artificial, across the region.

The team named first on the PlayHQ draw is always the home team. Any team listed as the home team allocated a grass wicket is responsible for covering that wicket as per the playing conditions, regardless of what grade that team is entered into. Sometimes this means communicating with another cricket club to arrange covers.

Katikati Cricket Ground 

Home Team - All Katikati teams from time to time

Contact - Ben Warren - 0272320099

Pemberton Park

Home Team - Greerton

Contact - Ben Lind

Tauranga Domain

Home Team - Element IMF Otumoetai Cadets 

Contact - Todd Morris

Nicholson Field

Home Team - Tauranga Boys College, Craigs Investment Partners 

Contact - Richard Earl - 

Blake Park

Home Team - Mount Maunganui Cricket Club

Contact - Kyle Dovey

Alice Johnson Oval

Home Team - Papamoa 

Contact - Mark Divehall

Te Puke Domain

Home Team - Flying Mullet Te Puke 

Contact - Stephen Crossan

Fergusson Park #1

Home Team - 

Contact - Mikael Carter - 0211205066

Fergusson Park #2

Home Team - 

Contact - Mikael Carter - 0211205066

Fergusson Park #3

Home Team - 

Contact - Mikael Carter - 0211205066


Please click here to access WBOPCA's Terms and Conditions containing the Senior Code of Conduct - WBOPCA Terms and Conditions

To submit a Judiciary complaint/report, please scan the QR code to the left, or click the link here - WBOPCA Senior Judiciary Submission 2023/24


The home team is responsible for the care of any grass wicket prior to a match. WBOPCA expectations are:

  • That every effort is made by the home team to sufficiently cover grass wickets from Friday evening onwards (regardless of the pending weather forecast). This is because events other than rain can damage a wicket, such as irrigation accidently turning on during the night. Failure to do this resulting in an abandoned match will lead to the forfeiture of competition points for that round. The away team will be awarded maximum winning match points in this case (12).
  • That covers will be removed in a timely manner to preserve the integrity of the grass underneath. This means if a wicket block is covered on a Friday and the match is abandoned due to weather on a Saturday, the covers will still be removed and stored on the Saturday as soon as the decision to cancel the match is made. Failure to do this resulting in wicket damage may result in WBOPCA penalising the home team by way of points deduction.
  • That covers and other associated materials are treated appropriately. This means:
  1. Taking care not to step on the covers with spikes.
  2. Not leaving pegs on the grass. 
  3. Not leaving the covers laying out on areas of outfield where they could cause damage. 
  4. Folding and storing correctly.

To submit a complaint regarding treatment of cricket grounds or covers, please scan the QR code to the left, or click the link below.

WBOPCA Grounds Dispute Submission 2022/23


Dispensation Criteria - Divisions 1 to 4 - Semifinals and Finals

Section 9.4 of the Districts Associations Senior Competition Regulations of Northern Districts Cricket Association (as copied below) applies, with amendments/clarification as follows in bold:

No player shall be eligible to play in a club final if that player has not played at least 33% of completed or partially completed available playing days (excludes abandoned days) for that team/competition (or lower) during the season (“final” is defined as any match outside of round robin matches).

For the 2023/24 season of WBOPCA 50 and 40 over competitions, this equates to 5 games. The 5 games must be played within the same competition/grade, or lower, but excludes T20. 

T20 finals eligibility is considered separately to any 50 or 40 over competitions and vice versa. For the 2023/24 season of T20 Division 1 and 2 competitions, the 33% eligibility criteria equates to 2 games. For the 2023/24 season of T20 Division 3 and 4 competitions, the 33% eligibility criteria equates to 1 game.

A “playing day” is determined by a date of play, not the number of games within that date. 

Abandoned days which have not commenced play (or bowled a single ball) will not count towards player eligibility. 

Abandoned matches which have commenced play but subsequently rained-off, will count towards player eligibility, so long as a scorecard reflective of the day’s play and players is entered into PlayHQ. 

Only matches attached to PlayHQ player profiles will determine eligibility. 

Players listed as ‘unsure’ within PlayHQ scorecards will not be considered as legitimate proof of playing days. 

 A player may play in a higher-grade final if that player has met the minimum playing day requirements at the lower grade, or through a combination of both grades.

A player who transitions from Year 13 college/youth grade cricket into club cricket at the start of a new annual year (January) shall be considered eligible if the player has achieved the required number of playing days from within the college/youth grade prior to Christmas. For WBOPCA competitions this includes any player that transitions from Division 5 or 6 (college) cricket for their school, into Divisions 1 - 4 (senior) cricket, at the start of a new year (January), not only Year 13 players.

Consideration for players returning from injury will be decided on a case-by-case basis as long as documented medical evidence is provided and the player has been a previous member of the club/school.

Dispensation may be granted to players that do not meet the requirement under reasons: 

A player is unavailable for selection during the competition because of representative cricket commitments (playing, travelling, or training) for District Association (including NPL), NDCA or New Zealand. The club must provide PlayHQ scorecards (where the player in question is listed as a player on the day) to CA that the player in question was playing higher level games on the same day as the club competition fixtures during the current season. The player for which dispensation is requested must be the player directly affected by the medical reason. Dispensation will not be considered for WBOPCA finals on the basis of a player having been required to play BOP Premier cricket due to another player’s medical unavailability.

A player was registered within a team at the start of the season but can produce proof of injury which would provide reason for the player to not reach the number of matches required to qualify. 

 A player has transferred from a college team to a senior club team for the second half of the season, but has represented the new club within that grade already. 

A request for dispensation must be submitted to the DA for approval at least four working days prior to the scheduled finals match (e.g. received on Tuesday for a Saturday final).

Dispensation requests received in less time to the scheduled finals match will not be considered. 

Requests for dispensation for WBOPCA competitions must be filed using this form (to be inserted) and contain all the information necessary for consideration. Medical certificates should be emailed to in support of any dispensation request forms. 

Eligibility rules apply throughout the grades inclusive of Twenty20, however CA reserves the right to make allowances under extenuating circumstances. 

A player may only drop down one team for the same club on consecutive playing days (i.e. from a 1st XI to a 2nd XI or a 2nd XI to a 3rd XI) regardless of whether these teams are in consecutive grades or not. 

Extenuating Circumstances - Clubs with BOPCA Premier Competition Teams

If in the event that any club has a team competing in a BOPCA Premier competition final on the same day and time as a WBOPCA Division 1 or 2 final, WBOPCA will allow that club to name a genuine 1st XI team for the BOPCA Premier final and genuine 2nd XI team for the WBOPCA Division 1 or 2 final provided that both team lists are received by WBOPCA at least four working days before the respective finals day and dispensation requests are received for any players who do not meet the relevant 33% criteria as per 9.4.1.

Furthermore, should this pertain to semi final fixtures and the BOPCA Premier team does not progress to the final but the WBOPCA Division 1 or 2 team does progress to the final, no players from the original BOPCA Premier semi final team list are to be included in the WBOPCA Division 1 team list for the final, regardless of numbers of games played. 

In the case of a BOP representative game on the same day as a BOPCA Premier competition semi final, WBOPCA may take this into consideration for dispensation.

Dispensation Criteria - Division 1 to 4 - General Round Robin Play

Year 10 Dispensations

Players in Year 10 at school may be eligible to play in senior competitions provided at least one of the following criteria are met:


  • The participant/club/school can show evidence that the Year 10 player will be joining a team with an older sibling or parent and the family needs this support to enable them to access the game. 


  • The participant/club/school can demonstrate that this is the only suitable option within the club/school for a player. This may occur in situations where not enough youth players are registered within a club to field a Division 5 or 6 (college) team.


  • The player has previously played in a senior cricket competition either in Western Bay of Plenty, or elsewhere, and the participant/club/school believe that Division 5 or 6 cricket would be a detrimental regression for the player (this includes any Year 9 or 10 player that played in a WBOPCA senior competition in the 2022/23 season). 


  • In Term 4, clubs/schools may demonstrate that a Year 10 player or players are necessary to support a senior cricket team of predominantly older players, and the Year 10 player or players will become Year 11 midway through the season, at the beginning of the following year.


  • Any other explanation the participant/club/school believes that WBOPCA should consider for player dispensation may also be considered noting that WBOPCA can approve or deny dispensation at their discretion.


It should be noted that Section 9.1 of the Districts Associations Senior Competition Regulations of Northern Districts Cricket Association applies in that:


  • Player safety is paramount at all times; physical, mental and environmental.


  • A player active within any adult competition (regardless of age) will be regarded and treated as an adult player. 


  • A junior player that has been consented to play adult cricket, must abide by the health and safety regulations regarding bowling load. Bowling load limits are based on a daily workload and not per match, more information on this can be found here.


  • Any junior player selected to play senior cricket must be deemed to have the ability to compete (bat/bowl/keep) at the selected level of play and therefore must not be used solely as a fielder.


Dispensation requests for Year 10 players must be completed by the player’s legal parent or guardian but may be supported by a club/school. 

For 2023/24 full season dispensations (Year 9 and 10) the form below must be completed by Monday 9th October.

WBOPCA Junior Dispensation Form

Dispensations will be considered by the WBOPCA junior cricket subcommittee and participants/clubs/schools will be notified by Thursday 12th October. All decisions are at the discretion of the WBOPCA and are final.

Dispensations throughout the season must be received at least four working days prior to the players first match.


Dispensation Criteria - Parent Players

WBOPCA recognises that schools within our Senior Cricket competitions often utilise cricketing parents to mentor and play alongside their children and their peers. These parents are in a unique position because they do fit within the player development pathway that student players do and therefore are not always offered as much game time week to week, or less as their child progresses up through the senior grades. We believe that it is important for schools to continue to prioritise the student player but also for the parent player to maintain existing connections to other WBOPCA clubs. Therefore, parent players playing for WBOPCA school teams (Tauranga Boys College and Aquinas College) may nominate one other club to represent when not required by the school.

The parent player can email before or during the season to make their secondary club nomination and WBOPCA will support the player, school, and club to create a permit for this scenario.